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  • Can I customize a candle?
    The answer is YES!!! Tell us what you want! Send us an email at the possiblities are endless.
  • Why is my candle making noise?
    It is perfectally normal for your candle to make noise. We designed our candles to produce a relaxing therapeutic crackling noise that resembling the sound of a natural wood camp fire.
  • Why won't my candle stay lit?
    There are a few different reasons why your candle might not be staying lit. 1. If your candle is having trouble staying lit, check the size of the wick. Often times the wick may need to be trimmed to the correct height. 2. If these tips do not help email us a picture or video at We will do our best to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • Can I buy wholesale
    Yes! Contact us at: for mor information!!
  • How can I buy a candle or tart infused with CBD
    Contact us at:
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