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The Ethereal Ingredients:

 Our ingredients are simple and pure. The wax is an organic soy blend with local bees wax.Our aromas are created using cold pressed and essential oils, along with natural fragrance. The wick is made of 100% organic maple wood, and the beautiful colors are created with natural dyes.

Pet Friendly and Vet Approved: As humans see the world through our eyes in sight, animals see the world through their nose in smell. Most candles and tarts on the market today contain fillers and harmful chemicals. These toxins are harmful to humans and can be deadly for animals. At Ethereal we pride our selfs on only making products that can be enjoyed by both humans & animals. All of our products are all Vet Tested and Pet approved.


Long Lasting: Our 10oz candle can burn for 180 hours straight. Our 3.5oz candles burn for 50 hours straight. Tart treys last 72 hours straight, 12 hours straight per tart. 

Clean Burning: Our candles and tarts are smoke free and soot-less when burning, although it doesn't stop there. our products actually clean and pull toxins out of the environment purifying the air. This process is made possible by organic bees wax. When melted bees wax interacts with our environment the wax acts as a natural air filter pulling toxins out of the air. Containing only the purest of organic ingredients, our products are free of all fillers, Phthalates, and nitro Musks.

Special Properties: All of our candles & tarts can be used as the most amazing hand lotion once melted. Each and every one of Ethereal's aromas are therapeutic. These special 

properties include reducing daily stress

& anxiety. As well as soothing away

headaches, migraines, and relaxing 

over active minds to promote happiness.  

Learn the Truth

 of Common Other Brand  Candles

Whats in it: Many traditional and other common brand candles contain toxic fillers.Common fillers include formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol and esters. These harmful chemicals can cause health problems ranging from headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks, respiratory tract infections, seizures, and even cancer.

Burn Time: Due to fillers found in many other brands, burning temperatures are greatly increased. This temperature increase ultimately decreases the life of the candle. In fact the average life of a common 10oz "other brand "candle ranges from 12-48 hours.


The wick: The most common wicks used in candles contains lead. Lead attacks the brain and central nervous system which can cause coma, convulsions and even death with frequen exposer.

Soot: is un burnt carbon, and toxic fumes that are released in the air when burning traditional & common other brand candles Seen as a thick black smoke, breathing in soot poses major health risks to humans as well as animals. Not to mention soot stains walls, furniture, and anything else it can land on.

What to look out for:  Heres a few pointers and tips on how to tell the difference between a toxic candle and a candle thats safe to burn. The first things to look out for is on the fire label. If the fire label says burn in a well ventilated room its toxic. If the candle is 10oz or greater with a burn time less than 100 hours its toxic. If the candle produces thick black smoke (soot) when burning its toxic. Lastly the if the wick appears to be cotton its 60% likely the wick contains lead. 

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