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  • App Builder

    Create your very own mobile app with no coding required. Please note once your app is live, it will cost an additional $350 a month to run, host, and maintain your app. This fee is standard with any app that is created. Our top competitors charge a host fee starting at $529 a month and up to $1000 a month. Save money & enjoy quality by taking full advantage of the power of Vulcan's Vault. Using our server farms you save money by cutting out the middle man. We have 228 farm locations spread all over the world hosting over 3000 individual servers. 

    • Important Information

      After your purchase you will be emailed within 24 hours by one of our agents confirming your information & base App design. From then on you will be contacted and kept updated weekly untill your App is ready. After everything has been designed & confirmed, your new App will be published. Once published, your App is live & active to the public. Please note your App can be edited by you after being published. Please note, it is up to you to keep your app updated after it has been developed. Total time to from start to finish is 2-6 months.

    • Whats Included

      Dedicated Vulcan's Vault Account Manager 

      Vulcan's Vault Cyber Team

      Advanced SEC

      Full Mobile App Build

      Custom Name

      Free SSL Certificate

      Professional App Logo

      Social Media Logo Files

      Storage Spage 100 GB

      Secure Online Payments

      Plans & Recurring Payments

      Customer Accounts

      Customized Reports

      Abandonded Cart Recovery


      Except Multiple Currencies Including Crypto

      Automated Sales Tax

      Loyalty Program by

      Ticket & Event Management

      Complete Solution For Fitness Pros

      Monetize Your Art & Content

      Lightning Fast Content Deployment

      Multi-site Dashboard

      Customization & Integration


      Reliability & Preformance

      Tailored Solutions

      Migration & Fulfillment

      Scalable Billing Solutions 

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