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Premium Crypto Coin
  • Premium Crypto Coin

    Our Premium Coin allows you to create your very own crypto currency with no coding required, while giving you all the options available. Choose your token name, ticker, logo, price, network, & supply. We do the rest of the work. Boost your starting market cap with our genius methods. Remember the price of your coin, market cap, & coin supply are all connected.

    • Important Details

      After your purchase you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Next with in 24 hours of your purchase, your Dedicated Vulcan's Vault Crypto Project Manager will reach out to you.  At this point your logo, coin design, price, & coin supply will be established. After everything is confirmed your new crypto currency will be coded & launched. Once your coin is live the total supply will be transferred to your wallet minus 1 coin. To create your coin price & starting market cap it costs 1 coin of your newly created crypto currency. Please note, it is your responsibility to provide liquidity for trading and will be at your expense. We are able to help with the process if requested. Total time to from start to finish is 4 weeks

    • What's Included

      Dedicated Vulcan's Vault Crypto Code Manager

      Vulcan's Vault Cyber Team 

      Professional Logo

      Advanced Coding 

      Custom Design Elements 

      Complete Crypto Currency Development


      Reliability & Preformance

      Tailored Solutions

      Starting Market Cap

    Token Supply
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